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You can now explore Maulbronn Monastery’s extensive history on site with “Monument BW” – the app for your smartphone or tablet. Impressive images, videos and audios bring the history of the former Cistercian abbey to life, providing fascinating insights into the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the app has even more to offer than this: you’ll find information on lots of other monuments in the region, too.

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All important information at a glance.

What does the app offer?

First, the app lists all the important information for your visit: hours, prices, directions, dining, and contacts. Furthermore, an adventure tour is available for download, ready to be used offline and on site. You can listen using headphones or by holding your smartphone to your ear, the way you would for a phone call. It's best to download the app while you're still at home and to take a peek at the monument. That way, you can start your visit as soon as you arrive on site.

The tour

The 75-minute multimedia adventure tour of Maulbronn Monastery contains 24 stations with additional deep dives: visitors can listen to background information on the history of the building, view picture galleries and films, and gain intriguing insights into the cultural features and treasures of the monastery and the life of the Cistercian monks.

Maulbronn Monastary, adventure tour highlights
Maulbronn Monastary, adventure tour highlights
Maulbronn Monastary, adventure tour start page

Multimedia adventure tour of Maulbronn Monastery.

Want more?

If you want to learn more specifics, you are invited to do so in deep dives on the topics “Everyday Life,” “With All Senses,” “Through Time and Space,” “A Closer Look,” and “Behind the Scenes.” If you are short on time, enter the word “highlight.” This will display the stations of the adventure tour considered to be outstanding highlights.


Download the app and the adventure tour to your smartphone before your next visit and discover Maulbronn Monastary in an entirely personal way. After your visit, you can discover more of the region's monuments in the app and plan your next trip.

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You can download the app for free in app stores under the keyword “Monument BW”.

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